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We deliver right to your door, from the world

Bought online, delivered to your door

The Freedom to buy what you want. ✔️ Delivery to your door ✔️ Easy to track packages ✔️ Email and SMS notifications ✔️ Secure Payment Options
Ship your packages with us from the USA or Canada, and have them delivered to you in as little as three days! Multiple shipments, no worries! Online shopping, sure thing! Anything you need, we deliver, from packages to documents, you can collect in-store or deliver to your location for the most affordable prices. We are on a mission to ensure that our customers could receive their deliveries in a safe and secure way when they need it and have been providing world-class customer service and deliveries to our amazing customers since 2018. We are a full-service courier, providing the best and most reliable service. We deliver in Kingston, St James, Hanover, Westmoreland, Trelawny, and St Ann. We provide: International Shipping Errand fulfillment Food Delivery Grocery Shopping Tax Office Bank Transactions Bill Payment Package delivery


Rates (Sea Freight) Weight (LBS) RATE (USD) 1 $3.85 2 $5.35 3 $9.50 4 $12.00 5 $14.50 6 $16.00 7 $16.50 8 $19.50 9 $22.00 10 $25.00 Each 1 lb over 20 lbs cost an additional USD $1 per lb. All items are insured at a cost of $1 per $100.00 The processing fee for packages cost $1.50 00
Q; What is the customs cost? A: The customs charge on items over USD$50 depends on the nature of the items, and ranges between 35- 50%. Q: How do I know what the total cost is? A: Shipping charges depend on the weight as well as customs charges, so when the order has cleared customs we can provide the full total and you will receive an invoice Q: Are there any other charges? A: Insurance and processing fees are on each package, also there is GCT of 15%. Q: Where do you deliver to? A: We deliver in St. James only at this time, so you can schedule your delivery with us. Q: Where are my packages being shipped from? A: Our warehouse is in Florida. Q: How are the packages getting here? A: We currently only ship via sea freight. As soon as air-freight is back, you guys will be the first to know! Q: Do you bring in barrels? A: Yes, we do and we also clear and deliver them! Q: How do I know when my package is here? A: you will be sent an email notification when the package is available for pickup as well as a Whatsapp message and call for you can schedule delivery or pickup.

Contact Us

Howard Cooke Boulevard, Montego Bay, St. James
Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday 9 am - 5 pm Saturday 9 am - 5 pm Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

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